What is HR Business Management SR Corporation?

HR Business Management SR Corporation (HRBM) is an expert on payroll calculations and HR management consulting for mainly foreign companies doing business in Japan.

HRBM is capable of providing every documents relating to payroll (i.e. pay slips) in English and  directly communicating with non-Japanese employees.  Furthermore, HRBM can prepare English corporate documents, (i.e. work rules and office regulations) and assist HR staff at Head Office or main overseas office by advising on Japanese labor customary practice and labor laws in English. 

Most of management staffs of HRBM are ex-KPMG staff members and law firm, and accordingly we are well informed of issues and needs of foreign companies relating to payroll calculations and HR management.  HRBM can promptly provide accurate advice on complicated questions or problems from clients.  

These highly value-added services and professional skills of our staff are appreciated by HR staff in foreign companies.

Strength of HRBM


Communication in English

Our bilingual professional staffs who have qualifications of the certified labor and social security attorney serve you in English.


Highly skilled staff

Most of staffs are ex-KPMG and law firm staff members, and have a lot of experience for HR management and payroll issues of foreign companies doing business in Japan.   


Extensive services

HRBM is capable of providing not only HR related services but also financial related services such as cash manegement and disbursement. 



Services provided by HRBM


Social Security
HR Consulting
Cash Management

Providing payroll documents such as summary schedule and pay slip in English.

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Providing set up for company's social security scheme and day-to-day consultation.

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Providing rules of employment by Japanese labor laws in both Japanese and English.

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Executing not only the payment of salaries, but also of taxes withheld and general expenses.

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Services provided by alliance partners


Company Registration
Tax & Accounting

Subsidy Application

Working Visa Application

Providing the advice on company's registration and the actual paperwork required for the registration.

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Providing the monthly accounting reports and necessary tax return such as corporation tax and consumption tax.

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There are many cases that subsidies are left unapplied without the system known. We recommend your consulting to us first.

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Assisting you to obtain appropriate working visas which correspond to various cases of hiring non-Japanese employees.

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Applications and Inquiries

Please do not hesitate to contact us by phone or email!  We'll be happy to answer your every question!

  • How much is the service fee?
  • Can you provide the services for only setting up the social security scheme? 
  • We want to dismiss a certain employee, but... 
  • We want to have the rules of employment wrtitten in English..., etc.

Feel free to contact us!

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